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Bouillon gare de l'est


Il n'est de Bouillon que Chartier

Ouvrez grandes vos papilles !

Le goût

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Le bouillon Chartier naît sur une idée simple : offrir un repas digne de ce nom à un prix modeste, respecter la clientèle pour gagner sa fidélité.

Watch the incessant ballet of the waiters in black vests and white aprons, with unparalleled efficiency... And open your taste buds wide! On the plates, tradition and diversity are available at unbeatable prices. Leeks with vinaigrette, egg mayonnaise, vegetable soup or snails as an appetizer; meat, fish or scoundrel dishes well simmered for the rest: the menu is vast, the flavours authentic and each dish costs around 10 €.
Feast your eyes with confidence, suppliers are reliable and consistent. Indulge yourself with the famous homemade whipped cream cup, you won't find it anywhere else. In fact, whatever you're looking for at Chartier, you're unlikely to find it anywhere else...
From 11:30 a.m. to midnight | Continuous service without reservation.
  • Simplicity
  • Authentic
  • Saveurs
  • Warm