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Once upon a time…
the Chartier saga
In 19th-century Paris, new eateries were springing up to serve the city’s workers, offering hot meals at modest prices. At the great city market of Les Halles, one butcher concocted a beef stew, known in French as a “bouillon”, that proved so popular he named his restaurant after the dish. In 1896 the concept was expanded by two brothers, Camille and Édouard Chartier. Their original vision of a restaurant that offered diners an exceptional setting, yet was affordable and open to all, was further developed over the years – and its charm remains intact to this day.

The meals may be cheap, but the surroundings are majestic. Such was the intention of the Chartier brothers, and their vision remains intact to this day.

Chartier is defined by its Art Nouveau style, a living vestige of the Belle Époque. Head past the copper bar top into the vast dining room in the rear with its timeless, inimitable charm: towering mirrors, traditional furniture, close-knit tables, white tablecloths – a place where people from all walks of life rub shoulders amidst a jovial, bustling atmosphere.

A place where time seems to hang suspended.

What’s on the menu?

Œuf mayonnaise, celeriac remoulade, country pâté, vegetable soup, leeks in vinaigrette, beef Burgundy, veal blanquette, butcher’s sausage, quenelle dumplings, salt pork with lentils, free-range chicken, fresh frites, chocolate mousse, rice pudding, ice creams, fruit salads, and more…

All our dishes are prepared on site, and the menu changes depending on the season and the fresh produce available.


Often imitated,
but never equalled!
Now you’ve had an appetiser,
are you ready to sample the Bouillons Chartier?
Nothing new for over 120 years: offering a good meal at a modest price!