Dazzling Art Nouveau décor

The younger Bouillon Chartier opened its doors in 1903.

Providing the restaurant’s imitable backdrop are its ornate carved wood mirrors in pure Art Nouveau style. The ceramic tile walls by Louis Trézel were even added to France’s registry of cultural heritage in 1984.

This majestic setting has been preserved down through the ages, its unique charm remaining intact until the day in 2019 when the restaurant was finally restored to its original name and vocation. And so, the Bouillon Chartier Montparnasse was (re)born!

The words we live by:
“A proper meal for a modest sum”

Starters from €1, 
main courses starting at €7, 
ice creams and desserts from €2… A proper meal in Paris for less than €20, in good times or in bad – that’s the Bouillon Chartier commitment.

Service every day from 11.30am – Midnight 

Non-stop service, no reservations

59, boulevard du Montparnasse / 75009 Paris
Metro : Montparnasse-bienvenue (6, 12, 13)
Bus : L82 L92 L94 L95 L96

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Nothing new for over 120 years: offering a good meal at a modest price!