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« A proper meal for a modest sum »

such was the promise made by the Chartier brothers in 1896. Today, the era of the working man’s restaurant whose doors are open to all remains alive and well, preserved in the heritage of the Bouillon Chartier. Order up!

It takes more than the name to make a Bouillon
These days it feels like everything is on the rise: food prices, of course, but also the number of restaurants claiming to be bouillons. But a true Bouillon is no mere brasserie or bistro, nor a café nor a canteen nor a restaurant. The Bouillon Chartier is something else entirely, with a spirit, history and dining craft all of its own.
Did you know?

In 19th-century Paris, new eateries were springing up to serve the city’s workers, offering hot meals at modest prices. At the great city market of Les Halles, one butcher concocted a beef stew, known in French as a “bouillon”, that proved so popular he named his restaurant after the dish. In 1896 the concept was expanded by two brothers, Camille and Édouard Chartier. Their original vision of a restaurant that offered diners an exceptional setting, yet was affordable and open to all, was further developed over the years – and its charm remains intact to this day.

Our commitment:

guaranteeing a slap-up meal in Paris for less than €20

In good times and bad, above the fray of what’s trendy or fashionable, Bouillon Chartier remains faithful to its working-class vocation and its clientele: maintaining reasonable prices without skimping on quality or quantity. Our delicious yet affordable menus are made possible through our partnership with a network of suppliers, and the bonds we have forged with renowned culinary artisans and producers.

The original bouillon – Chartier, the one and only: 

where good food is our tradition
We serve traditional French food that’s affordable, generous and unpretentious.
Œuf mayonnaise, celeriac remoulade, country pâté, vegetable soup, leeks in vinaigrette, beef Burgundy, veal blanquette, butcher’s sausage, quenelle dumplings, salt pork with lentils, free-range chicken, fresh frites, vegetarian platters, chocolate mousse, rice pudding, ice creams, fruit salads, and more...all our dishes are prepared on site, and the menu changes depending on the season and the fresh produce available.
The result? Starters from €1, main courses starting at €7, and ice creams or desserts from €2.
The Bouillon is more than just a restaurant
– it’s an experience.

Dressed in their black rondin jackets, the servers glide amongst the tables in a timeless waltz, just as they did during the Belle Époque. In the Art Déco dining hall, the garçon writes a diner’s bill on the corner of a white tablecloth.

No reservations, non-stop service and hordes of eager diners: tourists, local regulars, families, workers, and more. Here, people from all walks of life rub shoulders in a jovial, bustling atmosphere, enjoying affordable and convivial meals in sumptuous surroundings.
Order up!
Nothing new for over 120 years: offering a good meal at a modest price!

Bouillon Chartier
Grands Boulevards

7 rue du Faubourg Montmartre / 75009 Paris
Metro : Grands Boulevards (8-9)
Bus : (74-48)

Bouillon Chartier

59 boulevard du Montparnasse / 75009 Paris
Metro : Montparnasse-bienvenue (6-12-13)
Bus : (82-92-94-95-96)

Bouillon Chartier
Gare de l'Est

5 rue du 8 mai 1945 / 75010 Paris
Metro : Gare de l’Est (4-5-7) / RER : (B-E)
Bus : (31-32-35-38-39-46-54-56-91)